Inviting Members

When you create a network, you need to invite people to join your network. Network administrators can always invite network members. Your network may be configured so that non-admins can also invite additional members. If you are using Clearvale Express network, anyone can invite network members.

To invite network members:

  • Select Members>Invite Members.
  • Enter the e-mail address, select a role, and then click Add for each person to invite to the network.
  • You can enter a personalized message to include with the invitation.
  • You can also assign communities to your invitees. Click Choose Communities to display the network communities. Select one or more communities to which you want to assign the new members. When the invitees accept your network invitation, they automatically become members of the communities to which you assigned them.
  • Click Send Invites.
  • Also see Approving Members.

Inviting Members by Using an Upload File

You can also invite multiple members to a network by uploading a plain text (.txt) or CSV (.csv) file that contains one person per line. This file should contain the following information for each new member:

  • email address (required)
  • first name (optional)
  • last name (optional)
  • role (optional). If omitted, the default role for the network is used. Role values that you can specify are: moderator, writer, restricted_writer, or reader. If you have a hybrid network, you can additionally specify the roles of external (for guest) or special_guest.
  • communities (optional)

In a .txt file, create a new line for each person; separate the values for the person with commas. For example, to add a new user named Joe and assign him the Reader role and add him to two communities, use this format:,Joe,Cool,Reader,”New Hires,Marketing”

In a .csv file, create a new role for each person, separating the various values in different columns, with the exception of communities which appear in the same column, but separated by commas. See the sample .csv file for an example.

To bulk upload members:

  • Select Members>Invite Members.
  • Click the Bulk Import link on the left side of the page.
  • Navigate to the upload file containing the addresses and click Upload.

Managing Invitations

When  you invite someone to join a network, the invitation is valid for 30 days. If the invitation expires before the person has a chance to accept the invitation, you can resend the invitation. To resend the invitation, select Admin>Member  Administration>Pending Invitations.  Select the person to reinvite, and click Resend Invitation. To purge invitations that have not been accepted, on this same page, select the person to uninvite, and click Remove from List. Their invitation is no longer valid.

To see details about past invitations set, select Admin>Member Administration>Invitation List. This page lists the email address used for the invitation, the date the invitation was sent, the person who sent the invitation, and the invitation status.

BETA: If you have a hybrid network, see Managing a Hybrid Network for information on inviting guests.