Making Yourself Anonymous

Members have the option of having their profile information, such as name, contact information, profile photo, and so forth, hidden from other members. To make yourself anonymous on a network:

  • Go to My Page>Edit Settings and select Account Settings.
  • Under Login ID, check Make me anonymous on this network.
  • Click Save.

Clearvale assigns an anonymous user name to you, for example “Member 30.” Your anonymous name appears next to any content that you add to the network. Note, however, that your real name appears after your anonymous name for you, the network owner, and any network administrators and moderators. For example: Member 30/ John Smith. If you have included a Japanese pronunciation name, that also appears for the administrative members.

You can choose to no longer be anonymous at any time.

BETA: Working as  Unnamed in a Hybrid Network

In a hybrid network, you may have guests and members who are unnamed. Being unnamed means that:

  • Your profile page is  hidden from other guests. (For special guests, their profile page is also hidden from members.)
  • You are referred to by an alias, such as Guest 15 or Member 30. Your alias appears in the Display Name field on the Edit Settings page.

Note that when you are unnamed to guests, you are identified by your real name within the network in some cases:

  • Your real name is always used when interacting in guest communities. This facilitates collaboration within the community.
  • Once you make a connection to others by belonging to the same guest community, you appear by your real name to these people in other places within the network, such as when interacting in another community or on the Network page.
  • Regular guests appear by their real name to all network members.
  • Special guests appear by their real name  to network members only when they share a guest community connection. They appear unnamed to other network members.
  • All guests appear by their real name to network administrators when they view the network in Administrative Mode.
  • You cannot specify a display name. The Display Name field is used for your unnamed alias.

To make yourself named within a network:

  • Go to My Page>Edit Settings and select Account Settings.
  • Under your Login ID, check Make me Unnamed to Guests (if you are a member) or Make me Unnamed to Other Guests (if you are a guest).
  • Click Save.