Customizing the Network Page

This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

As the network owner or administrator, you are responsible for choosing whether to enable a Network page for your network and managing the way that the Network page looks. Using the Network page is optional.

To enable this page for your network, click Admin>Network Administration. Check the Enable Network Page check box. If you enable the Network page for your network, set the After Login, Direct Members to setting to control the page that initially appears when network members sign into the network. Options are to display either the Network page or the My Page page.

  • The Network page displays information aimed at all network members. Use this page if you have blogs, files, and forums that you want all network members to be able to use.
  • If you do not enable the  Network page, when network members sign in, they will see their personal page (the My Page tab). This page is their personal view of the network.

You can also change the way the Network page  looks by doing the following:

  • Change the blocks that appear on the Network page. Click Edit Layout and then add, remove, or delete the widgets that comprise the Network page.  For more information on using the widgets, see Working with Widgets.
  • Change the layout used for the Network page. Click Edit Layout and then select a layout to use for the page. Choose from Three Columns Wide Middle and Three Even Columns. The Three Columns Wide Middle layout applies a layout that creates a wider middle column. This wide middle column can be useful for the Network Activities widget, which can end up containing a lot of information since it allows members to comment and respond to content directly in the widget. The Three Even Columns layout uses three even columns. Use this layout when you want your Network page to have a more even, balanced look. Note that when you change the layout, the look of the widgets changes as well. Use the layout that makes the most sense for your network. Or, if you have a custom layout, you can use that as well.

You can also make some global changes to your network that affect all pages, not just the network page. See More Customization for details.