Integrating Google Apps

To access Google Apps from within a Clearvale network, a network administrator must first enable your network to access Google Apps. Then, you need to place the Google Apps widget on one or more pages within your network.

Configuring Google Apps Integration

To integrate Google Apps with Clearvale:

  • Go to Admin>Authentication.
  • Click the Google Apps tab.
  • Check the Enabled radio button.
  • Enter your Google Apps domain name.This is the email domain you specified when setting up Google Apps for your company.

After you enable Google Apps, the login page for your network includes an additional link so that network members can log into your network using their Google Apps credentials. Your network still maintains the login fields for Clearvale credentials, but these are only available for network members with an email domain that differs from the Google Apps domain specified for the network.

Note that if you have a Premier Google Apps account such as Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Education, you might need to enable federated login in Google Apps. If you have a regular Google Apps domain, this is enabled by default. However, with these Premier Google Apps accounts, it is turned off by default.

To enable federated login in Google Apps:

  1. Log into your Google Apps control panel (dashboard) as the domain administrator.
  2. In the menu bar, click Advanced tools.
  3. Under Authentication, click Federated Login using OpenID.
  4. Make sure that the checkbox labeled Allow users to sign in to third party websites using OpenID is checked.
  5. Click Save changes.

Adding the  Google Apps Widget

The Google Apps widget can appear on any page within your Clearvale network:

  • The network owner, admin, or moderator can add the widget to the Network page.
  • Community owners or admins can add the widget to a community page
  • Each network member can add the widget to their personal page.

Once the Google Apps widget is added, network members that signed into the network with their Google App credentials can access  GMail, Google Docs, or Google Calendar from within Clearvale.