Customizing Your Personal Page

This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

Each network has a tab labeled My Page. This page contains your personal view of the network. A default layout is provided for you of this page. You can use the page as is, or click Edit Layout to change the look of the page as follows:

  • Change the blocks that appear. You can add, remove, or delete the widgets that comprise the page.  For more information on using the widgets, see Work with Widgets.
  • Change the layout used for the page. Select a layout to use for the page. Choose from Three Columns Wide Middle and Three Even Columns. The Three Columns Wide Middle layout applies a layout that creates a wider middle column.  The Three Even Columns layout uses three even columns. Use this layout when you want your Network page to have a more even, balanced look. Note that when you change the layout, the look of the widgets changes as well. Use the layout that makes the most sense for you. Or, if you have a custom layout, you can use that as well.

Note that if your network uses the Classic theme, you will instead see the My Profile tab.