Configuring Email Notifications

You can configure Clearvale to send you email messages in the following cases:

  • When someone writes on your personal page.
  • When someone comments on or modifies content that you have published or content that you are following.
  • When someone sends you a message.
  • When someone assigns a task to you or when someone completes or declines a task that you assigned.
  • When someone shares content with you directly.
  • When someone invites you to join a community.
  • When someone adds content to or updates content in communities that you follow.

To configure email notifications:

  1. Click the Settings button in your Activity stream. Alternatively, you can click Edit Settings>Follow & Activity Settings on your personal page.
  2. Place a checkmark next to each type of notification you want to receive in your email.
  3. Check whether to receive each email notification instantly as it is generated.
  4. Check also if you want a daily or weekly digest of email notifications.
  5. Click Save when done.

Daily or Weekly Digest of Email Notifications

Your daily or weekly digest of email notifications is based on your email notification preferences and the activity that occurs on your network. If your network is extremely quiet, you may not receive an email digest. If your network is extremely active, the digest may not list every notification. The digest is limited to the five most recent notifications per notification category. The possible notification categories in your daily digest are:

  • My Page – When other members write  notes on your page.
  • My Content – When other members comment on or modify your content.
  • Followed Content – When other members comment on or modify content that you follow.
  • Messages – When other members send messages to you.
  • Tasks – When other members assign, comment on, or modify tasks assigned to you.
  • Shared Content – When other members share content directly with you.
  • Community Invitations – When other members invite you to join a community.
  • New Content in Communities – When other members add content to a community of which you are a member or are following.
  • Updated Content in Communities – When other members update content in a community of which you are a member or are following.

If you belong to multiple networks, you will receive separate digests for each network. Note that your digests may appear at different times as each the network administrator determines the time that the daily digest is sent. The default time is 12:00 AM, Pacific time.

Organizing Email Notifications

Depending on how you use email, you may want to organize your Clearvale notifications into a separate email folder. The general steps to do this on Outlook are:

  1. Within Outlook, create a new folder and name it Clearvale Notifications.
  2. Find a notification within your email inbox from your Clearvale network.
  3. Right-click on that message and set a rule for messages like this one to go to your Clearvale Notifications folder. For example, check the option to have any messages from your Clearvale network and have these messages moved to the email folder that you created.
  4. Click OK.

It may take a while for Outlook to scan your inbox and find all messages from the network and send them to the Clearvale Notifications folder.

Note that any message from is sent to your Clearvale Notifications folder. This includes notifications from any other Clearvale networks of which you are a member as well as messages sent from Clearvale announcing releases and so on.