Monitoring Network Activity and Disk Space Usage

You can see additional network activity details by clicking Admin>Statistics. The Statistics page shows you the number of network members, number of communities, and who has recently been using your network. These numbers change as people use the network.

Your total disk usage appears on this page as well. Click Disk Usage Report to download a detailed report of the disk usage on your network. For each file uploaded to your network, two numbers are shown regarding the size of the file. The first number represents the size of the most recent version of the file. The second number indicates a total size for all versions of the file. Numbers are shown in MB, unless otherwise noted. By default, the files in the report are sorted based on the most recently updated files.

If you are using Clearvale Enterprise, you can also optionally place the Quick Stats widget on the Network page to show a summary of network activity.  See Quick Stats for more information. In addition, you can use the Clearvale social analytic reports to track network participation and adoption.

Reducing the Amount of Disk Space Used

To save the amount of disk space used, you can remove older versions of documents that are no longer needed. To remove these older versions, you must be working in administrative mode.

To remove previous versions of files:

1. Switch to administrative mode.  Hover the mouse over your name at the top of your network and select Enter Owner Mode, Enter Supervisor Mode, or Enter Moderator Mode from the popup menu that appearsIf you have the Administrator role you do not have permission to switch to administrative mode.

2. Select Admin>Statistics.

 3. On the Statistics page, click the Disk Usage Report link.

4. Scroll down to the file for which you want to manage versions and click the File Management icon.

5. Place a check mark next to the file version or versions to delete and click Delete. The selected versions of the document are removed from Clearvale and are no longer available to you or other network members.