The social enterprise is not just about the tools. It's also about the rules. We've recruited some of the greatest talent around the world -- a global community of best-in-class strategists, trainers, and consultants -- to help you create, build and implement your enterprise social network and its surrounding ecosystem. Check out some of our service options below.


Stay ahead of the curve, and make the most out of your Enterprise 2.0 initiative. We will conduct an audit to assess your degree of readiness, identify key success factors, calculate potential ROI, and define your Enterprise 2.0 deployment roadmap.

What we'll deliver:

Enterprise 2.0 audit, Enterprise 2.0 ROI Calculator, Enterprise 2.0 Roadmap


A one-week workshop to train key members of your Enterprise 2.0 adoption team on Clearvale basics and Enterprise 2.0 adoption best practices. We will work with your team to develop an adoption program for your company.

What we'll deliver:

Getting Started, Adoption Patterns, Adoption Program


BroadVision Education Services offers onsite classroom courses for adoption, end-user training, and network administration. We also offer courses on user interface customization and enterprise application integration. We can tailor the classes to meet your specific needs.

What we'll deliver:

Getting Started, End-user Training, Developer Training


BroadVision Global Services offers tailored workshops to design and specify the integration paths that best leverage the power of Clearvale in combination with the systems you’re already using.

What we'll deliver:

Requirements Workshop, Analysis Workshop, Statement of Work

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